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Date: 2018-02-17 14:35

Kelli, I 8767 m truly happy that your experience with SOL has been positive since Friday, and hope that your experience continues to be positive. I also hope that you are a genuine SOL customer, and not someone working for the company to counter the negative experiences of the overwhelming majority of us in this thread. As someone who has had 8 unsuccessful sites prior to SOL, you are probably already aware that there are many, many DIY web builder companies that offer the same service (in my opinion, far better) for FAR less money than SOL. In fact, since I made what was for me the most epic financial mistake ever and signed on with SOL, I have yet to find more expensive and less user friendly website builder software/ customer support. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I now have a site built for free through Weebly 8767 s FAR EASIER website builder (free website builder, free monthly hosting with my own URL I have it linked to Paypal, so I 8767 m not even paying for a merchant account). I came to this after giving up on the SOL 8775 money pit 8776 sites I launched and worked the hell out of for more than a year, with almost ZERO success. The final straw was when I tried to 8775 transfer 8776 my websites to a different hosting company (as I had been told I could when I signed) and discovered that my website design and all the hard work and money I had put into it would not transfer to a different host. Essentially, I had to start from SCRATCH all the $$$ that I dumped into SOL down the drain. I keep up with this thread because I don 8767 t want to see anyone else blindly paying thousands and thousands of dollars for a service they could get fraction of the price (or like me, for free if you do your homework!). As I said in a previous post, I discovered after the fact that I could have had several sites professionally built FOR ME for what I paid for SOL 8767 s poorly designed, user-unfriendly DIY software and moderately adequate customer service. In my experience, SOL targets people who are generally inexperienced in website creation, and don 8767 t even know what to look for when 8775 comparison shopping 8776 . Now that I am experienced, and I see the options that are out there, I could kick myself for not seeking out and finding a thread like this that would give me real stories like those above. I know that if I had I would be $7555 richer right now, and my business would have been successful so much earlier.
Wishing you all the best.

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I agree with you on everything you have said. I have 8 very successful sites that allow me to stay at home. Each of these sites are all at the top of the search engines. You are also right that there are more ways at getting to the top than just search engines. The one thing I will disagree on is knowing what product to sell before getting started. How do you know what demand is out there to sell that product before you get started if you don 8767 t have tools to do so. The problem with most individuals who start up an online store is they pick a product and build a site before ever knowing what demand is out there. I know numerous people who have spent $65,555-$75,555 in building a site without there ever being a demand for what they are selling. So the people on this board must know that you must have some tools to find what product to sell. I don 8767 t believe that SOI is telling people that they are going to get rich overnight. I am not sure if it was you or someone else that said SOI has an 8775 F 8776 rating with the BBB. If you look on there you can see there are a lot of other reputable companies such as Microsoft, Disney, and others who have an 8775 F 8776 rating. If everyone did their research they would know that the BBB can be paid off and most of the companies that are 8775 A 8776 8766 s have all paid the BBB a certain pretty penny to get that ranking. I mean come on Disney? We all know there is NO way they can have that. Most of the companies with an 8775 A 8776 ranking also have more complaints so you can 8767 t trust necessarily what they BBB says. I do want to say congrats to you for being able to stay home. Looks like you have done your research as well as I have. The truth is there are a lot of tools that can be found for free, but a lot of tools that SOI are easier to access than to find them online. Its funny that all of these people are mad on this site without doing the proper research. I wonder to myself if people are going to start suing our education system. They give us books to read and teach us and give us degrees, but it doesn 8767 t mean all of us are going to find successful jobs after and make tons of money. You have to work with that degree and put what you have learned into your jobs. All if not most of the books that the *censored*s sell can be found for free at libraries and online, but people go to *censored* to make it easier and get that degree. The point is find out how to do it online for free, or how you say it Bret, for cheaper or go to someone you can pay to help you out. Bret I know you know as well as I do, if you don 8767 t go to a company such as SOI you will spend HOURS to get an online store up. Best of luck to all of you. I know the tools that SOI has, have helped me in my success online. The only thing I can 8767 t figure out is why there are so many who have had success with this company and some that don 8767 t. It makes you wonder why people have had success using the tools and others have not? What are they NOT doing that the others are doing!

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This post is most refreshing and probably one of the most balanced of all I have read here. I did not read 655% of them and was looking for some that had a similar flavor to how my feelings are, and here it is.
I am NOT a stupid person and have been doing some commerce on ebay over the years so I am neither completely naive, nor highly qualified in these matters.
I went to the 95 minute session yesterday and received pretty much what I expected. I am currently unable to work in a standard job, had the time on my hands, don 8767 t get to go out and eat much due to my finances and it 8767 s winter in Western figured free is pretty cheap entertainment. I learned a few interesting facts. Was a bit more motivated to work on some of the ideas I have been batting around in my head. The speaker was an articulate guy who was straight forward and seemed quite earnest. He spoke of the pros and the cons, albeit with a spin on them hey that 8767 s what StoresOnline pays him for he was doing his job! I was there with no illusions or a burning desire for an easy ride. I knew there had to be money involved some how
The schpiel lasted as long as they said it would, it was in a lovely restaurant and the food was nice and quite filling. If I were a paying customer at that restaurant for that very meal I would likely have been charged no less than $65 I am appreciative of that again, due to so many reasons, I thought it was a nice treat - cheesy would have been a couple slices of warmed frozen pizza and pop!
I didn 8767 t even care about the MP8 player, I was there for information and wondering what else could be offered.
Wisely, they culled the audience to choose 8775 most likely 8776 candidates for the larger session. I am absolutely floored that people went there knowing it was internet marketing related and some of them raised their hands when the guy asked if they never used a computer! Why did they waste their time? Hmmmm, maybe they were grateful for the lovely lunch as well.
It hadn 8767 t occurred to me that the culling process and calling of names of those who were chosen to 8775 be allowed 8776 to sign up for the Buffalo gig, could have been compared to the Price is Right come-on-down analogy, but I am sure that is how it felt for some people. I wasn 8767 t enamored by that either because when they first announced the $99 fee for the all day workshop (which they did before they announced the 8775 culling 8776 process, if I recall correctly) I had already decided to sign up for that. You see, when I attended this session I had concluded prior to going that I would be willing to lop down no more than $655 for whatever they were offering, if I felt I might learn something.
So I got 8775 called down 8776 , paid my $99 (via check so there was a paper trail and reduced opportunity for abuse of my financial info) and received my packet for admission. Now mind you, I live 65 miles from Buffalo, so I will have the further investment of gas, vehicle use and am willing to make these sacrifices for 5 basic reasons 6) it is in February and it will still be WINTER in Western NY if you don 8767 t ski, it can be a very long season with limited opportunities here :)- so it will be my entertainment for the ) if I can endure the day, which I hope to, and I get a notebook I will consider it a blessing (I already have a laptop and a desktop, so my *censored* will enjoy it) 8) I have read alot of articles on line about enhancing ecommerce and SEO, and I have a basic notion about things but I will enjoy hearing someone address these issues in person and know ahead of time I 8767 m not gonna get a degree at the end of the day 9) hopefully that day 8767 s luncheon will be as nice the one yesterday, again that will be a treat because I seldom get to go out and eat 5) because I do a small amount of ecommerce already, $99 and gas mileage can be deducted on my taxes as business expenses.
Again, I have no illusions there is no way even if I DID have much money, that I would lop down a big hunk of it to these people. Anyone who does decide to do that, I hope they make that decision wisely, with forethought and preparation. It blew me away, too, that there were many people at yesterday 8767 s session who didn 8767 t even have a concept of what they 8767 d want to sell on line if they DID have a website HUH?!?!!?!?

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I have read through all the comments on this review and I can 8767 t help but notice how many of you seem to have wanted success for *censored* or no work on your part. I too went to one of their workshops and was very ignorant to internet marketing but decided I would learn. I spent months and months reading the tutorials offered in merchant services and following through on the information given. My thinking is this, If you want success on the internet it will take literally years of hard work through continual building and promoting of your web site. I agree that the presenters at the workshop make success on the internet seem very easy, but I also realize that is how every company out there markets their products or services. Approximately 95 percent of all Biz owners fail, and I have no doubt you guys easily fall into that category and the only ones posting here are not willing to spend years investing and working a business whether it is online or offline in a traditional business. Folks I am determined to make a success out of my e-commerce web site and I will take full responsibility for it. You guys can dilute your self by claiming SOL web sites are more expensive but It is very competitive with the others out there for what you get. None of the others offer the marketing tutorials and updates to whats new in marketing on the net. Folks, I can go on for hours explaining why 95 percent of the people in this country would rather whine and complain if they do not get rich overnight but after I post this comment I am sure I will get accused of being affiliated with SOL. I can assure you I am just like you guys except for I have a realistic view of how to become a success with a business. Success very rarely comes over night and I 8767 d be willing to bet I had a harder time understanding the builder than any of you. I consider myself very good using the builder now and I got that way by spending hours chatting and learning it. Stores chat support are not specialist in marketing and promoting but they are very good in the builder. To learn how to market and promote to drive traffic is an education in itself and takes time to learn. Review any successful website on the internet by using alexa dot com and you will see most took years to become a success. My website was published in February of 7558 and It took months just to get indexed with the major search engines. Most in here know fully well they didn 8767 t spend the required time to achieve success and they are just full of excuses, they would fail at any endeavor they attempted. After 6 months of very long hours promoting my web site I am happy to say I am having success in sales as of recently. If you are truly doing it right your web site will change consistently and after years of climbing the google rankings and learning hundreds of ways to drive traffic you will enjoy the successes of the other 5 percent who truly put forth effort to become successful. Sorry folks but it is just a sad fact that most people just want something for nothing and will whine and blame someone else if it doesn 8767 t happen over night. I have nothing but rave reviews for SOL 8767 s 79 hour chat support. Ill say it again for the many excuse makers. I am in no way affiliated with Storesonline or any one else. I just happened to see this blog as I was logging in to my back office. For the record, I have more money invested than any of you that have posted here. That 8767 s how it works folks in the greatest country in the world. If you put forth the time, effort and yes, money, you can be successful. If you don 8767 t have the money then ask yourself why that is and how you expect to change that by complaining and blaming?

My wife and I were facing severe financial problems because I had lost my business and could not collect unemployment and my wife was laid off from her job and we were trying to live on her unemployment. Our home was going into foreclosure and we basically could not pay any of our creditors. That 8767 s when we received this dream advertisement about how we could make a lot of money fast and we were invited to their initial seminar. Here they made is sound like a no brainer and made verbal claims that they would have a site up and running for us in the first 7 months and assured us that the income we would receive would easily pay for the monthly payments on close to $ for the purchase price. Then they sent us in to speak to the finance and sales person who did everything but swear on his *censored*s that this was so easy because they would design and build our first site and get it up and running fast, assuring that we would immediately beging to receive income. We explained our financial condition to him, and told him if this did not happen in 7 months as they promised that we would not be able to pay for it. He basically guaranteed that we would be up and running in a couple of months making plent enough money to pay the monthly payment and provide additional income to start us on the road to financial recovery. So, we gave him our debit card and off we went. We contacted them dozens of times, but for the most part is was hard to get a consultant and if we did, it was never the same person. They all told us the same things. The ideas we had for what we would like to sell were all NO GOOD. Then they referred us to their associate company called PMI who then wanted another $8, to get us up and running. We signed and then thought about it. We were paying again for what stores online promised to do for us quickly and easily with the purchase of their services. We immediately exercised our right of recission with PMI within the 8 days provided by law. They charged our account twice after that anyway, and the only way we could stop them was to close that bank account. Now while trying to figure things out for ourselves, Storesonline shut down our access for non payment after a couple of months. The whole thing was a total scam and shame on me for not getting their promises in writing. Being from the old *censored*, I thought they would be honest. NOT. Now we have a claim from storesonline with a ton of added interest and fees showing on our credit report and also PMI who we officially cancelled withing 8 days reporting $8, in fees they are not entitled to. Now that we are trying to repair our credit, these things are an issue and I am still fighting to have them removed from my credit. Basically, Storesonline defaulted on our agreement because the never delivered the services they promised both verbally and in writing and then denied us access to the tools we needed to even try to get something going. My next step is to go to another one of their seminars and secretly record all of their claims and promises. Then maybe we can get a class action suit going against them. Don 8767 t fall into their money trap. They are frauds and scam artists and only want to seperate you from your money. They are totally evil.

So you were the one with this shocking testimonial from this MAFIA SOL group!! ha, what a bunch of unethical people!! to threaten you and your friends, about it!! ha!!but in the other hand, I wish that I was that smart like you and your friends!!. (congrats for not falling).. In reality I was 8775 weak 8776 to fall in to their ugly plans/Trap I hate to admit that 8775 they GOT ME 8776 yeah they did!!)somehow they were smarter than me) they are/were like this *censored* 8776 invasion 8776 taking (braiwashing) our brain cells out of our system and well, yeah that 8767 s what happens when we get 8775 weak 8776 now I have to pay and deal with the consequences Nancy ( which lives near to my place/city) can probably help me to finally get 6 website ready so as I do not have anything more to loose, I 8767 m going to give it a try .I 8766 m stuburn this case probably will be a 8775 + 8776 .hopefully I make it through and well.. yes! definetely I think learned my lesson ..for some reason I sadly thought that this SOL company was the greatest deal!! that fianlly I had a chance to be an entrepeneur working from home and earning 8775 good money 8776 (of course without working for someone else)..needless to say, I was wrong, I was fooled!! but I think that if we are not having our money back, if we are not going to need to somehow at least (try)get them working (our websites) I hope I can!! I know now it will take lots of time + lots of effort..but I 8767 m willing to do it!! I 8767 m not a it has to be some good result of this . (being positive, I hate to be neagative) may take years which I grrrr kinda hate..but the only way to really find if this truly works (like I said without the bulls..lies,without the somehow magical formula 8776 fast, easy,rewarding 8776 haha that SOL promised) what else can I do..??? .It 8767 s sad, stressful but it 8767 s the Bare, rough/hard reality
like: 8775 Do it yourself the hard paying large amount of money 8776 I mean what was the purpose!!! haha well get them rich$$$ of course!!! SOL should stand for: SYSTEM OF LIES!! or SCAM OF LIES!! SOL .

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